Raida Adon


Raida Adon, a Palestinian artist who was born in Acre in 1972, graduated from the Art Department at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. She lives and creates in Jaffa Tel-Aviv.

Today she teaches art at the Bezalel Academy, and at the Sapir College of Art, and is the director of the Arabic department at the photography school in Jerusalem. Most of her work is video art focusing on the Palestinian and Israeli situation since 1948.

As a creative artist, she feels that she has always perceived a sense of commitment and responsibility, be it at the personal, political or environmental level.

As an artist, it is most important for her every day survival to converse with both cultures. With her mixed language and identity, she feels a duty and responsibility to pass on a message to the world via her art. Indeed, over the years her toolbox helped her to overcome many a fall. During each of the video art projects she produced, she went through a personal journey. Meeting people enabled her to touch and bring change, just as they, through her works of art changed her with every performance.

Her videos are in the collection of the Israel Museum and with private collectors who purchased her works. As a Palestinian she doesn’t have many opportunities to show her art because of the complicated political situation.

Raida was the first woman to present a solo exhibition in the Israel Museum after 72 years of the state’s existence. No Arab had ever had a solo exhibition in the museum due to the complex political conflict between the two nations.

However, she is determined to show her works both in Israel and Palestine and wherever she can. Her works have been shown in the Tel Aviv Museum and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem and the Banksy Gallery in Bethlehem in Palestine and New Jersey and also recently in Boston at the Rose Museum.

Raida is a performing artist and a film, theater and television actress. She played in two well-known series “Fauda” and “The Girl from Oslo” both broadcast on Netflix.

She also played in the Cameri Theater in Tel Aviv, and played in the Palestinian National Al-Hakawati Theater. She acted in the Palestinian-Lebanese film “3000 Nights” which won many awards in the world. Raida today lives and communicates between Paris and Palestine

She has received several awards:
Outstanding creator and actress award (Acre Festival, 2001).
Minister of education Prize for Palestinian Artist (2008).
Minister of education Prize for most prominent artist (2011).